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Walk In Tub

A walk-in tub makes bathing safer and more independent for anyone with mobility issues. If you’re looking for safety for yourself or a loved one, we will take personal care to ensure a solution that fits your bathroom, your budget and your taste. Not only that, we will also make sure it looks great and works perfectly!

We offer:

  • Petite/Small/Medium/Large/X-Large Walk-in Tubs
  • Medium/Large Wheelchair access walk-in Tubs
  • Front-load Small Walk-in Tubs

In addition to its streamlined easy-maintenance design, the main feature of these tubs is the walk-in door that eliminates the need to step over the edge of a standard 14-inch tub. They are constructed of the highest-grade fiberglass composites with a high-gloss acrylic finish for beauty and durability.

Standard features of walk-in tubs:

  • 17” High Comfort Seat – meets the height accessibility guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • 5” – 6.5″ Step – makes walking in and out of your tub comfortable and safe
  • Anti-slip Floor – provides additional safety against slipping on the slick surface of a standard tub
  • Durable Front Door (with lifetime guarantee water-tight seal) – has a long handle that is easy to reach from inside the tub and maneuver in the lock and unlock positions
    Extendable Shower Head – allows you to remain seated while enjoying your shower
  • High-quality stainless-steel frame – for long lasting strength
    Adjustable feet – for leveling the tub in your bathroom

Optional features of walk-in tub:

  • Hydrotherapy Water Jets – to create whirlpool that helps with massaging and relaxing sore muscles
  • Air Therapy Jets – has a heat air stream that provides additional circulatory benefits
  • Dual Hydrotherapy & Air Therapy Jet System – get both jet systems listed above for maximum enjoyment. Not available in smaller tub sizes due to space constraints.

Confused about what is right for you? Give us a call. We can provide expert advice and a free phone estimate in most cases.

Walk In Tub

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