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AmeriGlide AC Cargo Stair Lift

The AmeriGlide AC Cargo Lift is a great addition to any storage room, warehouse, manufacturing plant, or other commercial building. This strong and sturdy cargo lift is designed to be installed on an existing staircase and is rated for transporting 350 pound loads. You can customize the track length to fit your staircase and enjoy the security of limit switches that will automatically stop the lift when it reaches the top or bottom of the stairs. (If the track length is 16 feet or longer, the weight capacity is reduced to 250 pounds.) This model runs off of a 115 VAC household current, so all you have to do is plug it into an existing electrical outlet. No major renovations required. When not in use, the space saving platform folds up and out of the way.

Call us today to learn more about this durable and reliable American made product that will do all the heavy lifting for you and make your workplace safer and more efficient!

AmeriGlide AC Cargo Stair Lift

Product Specifications
Drive Type: Cable
Battery Powered: No
Self Installable: Yes
Basic Installation Included: No
Standard Capacity: 350 lb
Max Track Length, Standard: 15′
Max Track Length, Optional: 25′
Track Material: Aluminum
Swivel Seat: No

Flip-Up Seat: No
Flip-Up Armrests: No
Constant Pressure Controls: Yes
Footrest Safety Sensor: No
Digital Diagnostics Display: No
Unit Footprint, In Use: 18.5″
Unit Footprint, Parked: 13.75″
Track Footprint: 10″
Key Lock: No

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“He did a great job with the floors. He was punctual and proactive. Highly recommended!”

~Abha D., Romeoville, IL