Need a Ramp in the Winter – No problem, give us a call Rain, Shine or Snow!

Our selection of wheelchair lifts and ramps offer both permanent and portable solutions for overcoming height obstructions in homes and businesses, as well as helping wheelchair users maintain optimal mobility while on the go for shopping, day trips, or extended vacations.

However, as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), we look for safe access to the home in 3 major areas. Does the person have reasonable and safe access and ability to:

  • Entry and Exit of the Home
  • Room in which they sleep
  • Bathroom for necessary hygiene
Slip Proof Ramps
Slip Proof Ramps
Slip Proof Ramps
Slip Proof Ramps
Transition or Threshold ramps are designed to make a smooth transition in floor height. These ramps are meant for less than 1 step in height and can be made of different material types for different environments. These are commonly used for inside a home or just in the entryways and door jams.

Solid ramps, due to their size are generally used outside. Options include:

  • Custom Ramps
  • Wood Ramps
  • Aluminum Ramps
  • Portable Ramps
  • Temporary or Semi Portable Lightweight
  • Trifold Ramps
  • Corrugated Ramps
  • Ramps with or without Railings

If you are considering a ramp, consider:

  • Location – Is it indoors or out (garage?)
  • Length – measure 1 foot for every inch of height
  • Turns and Railings – some require railings for safety
  • Portability and Accessibility – will this impede others access

Slip-Proof Safety will provide a free, in home estimate to insure the perfect fit. Our expert consultant will come out to measure and discuss your options while leaving you with a proposal.

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